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Lausanne BDSM is not widespread and little known to the citizens of the canton of Vaud but little by little, we feel a tendency of curiosity. Blackmail, torture, erotic enema and orgasm deprivation are becoming more and more common in the field of dominatrixes in Prilly.

The Renens dungeons and erotic games rooms will welcome you in perfect conditions to start your initiation and discovery of the world of BDSM. Erotic asphyxiation or leather bondage, various well-known practices of the Vevey mistresses and the Yverdon-les-Bains  obedients will be proposed here on FaceGirl.

Leather lingerie, naughty jewelry, headbands or handcuffs are products that have been in real demand for several years. BDSM is currently enjoying its hour of media glory even if this phenomenon remains at the margin.

The mistress in Aigle and the submissives in Payerne make fantasize. The most common SM dream is to be helpless at the mercy of a man. This is where the subject gets off.

The man in submissive position will seek to evacuate his leadership position in everyday life and will free himself from all these accumulated tensions. There is a notion of total trust that is given to the mistresses and it is this letting go that businessmen are looking for.

The Montreux bondage specialists cannot improvise: you have to be careful not to block the blood circulation of the other. It's the art of compelling without hurting.

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Daniela Domina - Lausanne dominatrix and sm

Daniela Domina - Lausanne

Daniela Dominación trios Domina TS tokio

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Cruella D Vil - Lausanne dominatrix and sm

Cruella D Vil - Lausanne

👠 obéissant soumis? viens me plaire🥳🐶

Yesterday 01:59

Maîtresse Anna - Lausanne dominatrix and sm

Maîtresse Anna - Lausanne


Yesterday 01:09

Miss July - Morges dominatrix and sm

Miss July - Morges

Return scheduled for 09/20/2020

LD - Lausanne dominatrix and sm

LD - Lausanne

Return scheduled for 09/22/2020

Katarena - Lausanne dominatrix and sm

Katarena - Lausanne

Return scheduled for 11/21/2020

Xena - Payerne dominatrix and sm

Xena - Payerne

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