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FaceGirl is the number 1 directory of BDSM in Switzerland since 2010.

Find the best erotic addresses by clicking on the category SM in Geneva. From 18 to 65, there is something for all the most perverse, wildest and most daring desires.

Highly distinguished, the Lausanne mistresses in the canton of Vaud are among those elite people who know the job more than anyone. They have experience, the body of the man is not to discover, between handcuffs, whips and latex ... The sadomasochism is a sexual practice which consists in using the pain, the domination or the humiliation in the research of the pleasure.

Vaud Domina will make you discover between soft SM and SM initiated the practices of the painful pleasure.

Popularized by the worldwide success of 50 shades of Gray, SM in Neuchâtel lives as a second youth.

Bondage, punishment, sadism, masochism ... This wide range of sexual practices is called BDSM. Highly codified, the SM requires a staging of sexuality: There is the "masochist" who takes pleasure in having pain and the "sadist" who loves to humiliate or hurt. The

FaceGirl brings to your visibility the actresses of this world of Valais BDSM.

In 1 click, jump into this world of love of pain and this alternative that will spice up an already satisfying sexuality. Scenarios diverse and varied exists, some Fribourg mistresses does not lack imagination. Mummification, wearing the corset, strangulation or trampling ... The erotic games do not exist hundreds to get out of a routine sex life and cultivate your imagination.

The Jura’s submissive are waiting for their alpha man. The practices will be framed because they can prove for some dangerous such as the electro stimulation of the genitals or the games of candles.

Zhenya - Geneva dominatrix and sm

Zhenya - Geneva

Dominatrice avec Donjon jusqu’au 24 mars

Today 14:55

Soumise VIP - Geneva dominatrix and sm

Soumise VIP - Geneva


Today 14:43

Maitresse Katy - Sion dominatrix and sm

Maitresse Katy - Sion

Experience unique

Today 14:01

Miss July - Lausanne dominatrix and sm

Miss July - Lausanne

Disponible 👠👄

Today 13:39

Arya - Lausanne dominatrix and sm

Arya - Lausanne

Bdsm hard/soft

Today 13:15

Sarah - Geneva dominatrix and sm

Sarah - Geneva

Reçois en privé

Today 10:44

Alina - Lausanne dominatrix and sm

Alina - Lausanne

An femme au services du voutre soumission

Today 07:05

Venus - Geneva dominatrix and sm

Venus - Geneva

Dernier jour

Today 01:26

Viviane - Neuchâtel dominatrix and sm

Viviane - Neuchâtel

NEW un moment spécial avec moi

19 March

Alicia - Sion dominatrix and sm

Alicia - Sion

Une belle gazelle

19 March

Maîtresse Eva - Geneva dominatrix and sm

Maîtresse Eva - Geneva

Return scheduled for 04/08/2018

Nikky French - Geneva dominatrix and sm

Nikky French - Geneva

Return scheduled for 04/10/2018

Miss37cm - Geneva dominatrix and sm

Miss37cm - Geneva

Back soon

Misstres Mean - Lausanne dominatrix and sm

Misstres Mean - Lausanne

Back soon

Flora - Geneva dominatrix and sm

Flora - Geneva

Back soon

Jennifer - Fribourg dominatrix and sm

Jennifer - Fribourg

Back soon