Rosie - Geneva escort

Rosie - Geneva escort


Today 04:14
Rosie - Geneva escort


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30 years old
Fully Shaved

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  • 69
  • Anal
  • Anal Rimming
  • Blowjob
  • Blowjob coffee
  • Cumshot body
  • Cunnilingus
  • Deep Throat
  • Double penetration
  • Erotic massage
  • Facesitting
  • Facial cumshot
  • Fetish
  • French kiss
  • GFE
  • Group sex (orgy)
  • Lingerie
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  • Soft domination
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  • VIP service


Rosie is a Escort working in Geneva

Address: Rue Adolphe Tschumi


Spoken languages



Starting at 250.-CHF

Payment methods

CHF Euro Dollars


Hello gentlemen,


Please note:

1. I’m a normal girl, not a sex toy, so don’t worry - I’m able to talk and keep company 💁🏼‍♀️😘

2. Please remember - besides a high quality pussy I also have a high quality brain 🧠😉

3. I’m kind and respectful, so please don’t forget to be kind and respectful too 🙏 😊

4. I don’t accept on drugs or drunk clients 🚫❗️

5. If you are rude or arrogant I’ll ask you to leave immediately 🔚❌

When it comes to my services...

❤️ I can offer sweet moments of romantic and sensual ecstasy with my affectionate GFE service, that includes:

-covered oral
-sex in different positions
(additional services are extra payed)

❤️ I’m ready to deliver to you as well intensively wild explosion of passion with my PSE FULL SERVICE that includes:

-natural blow job
-deep throat
-vaginal sex


If you have any special request don’t hesitate to contact me and ask about it. I’m very open for any suggestion...


Overnight is possible if we like each other.


See you soon at my place in Genève or at your hotel.

Thank you for your attention, 



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Reviews (20)

By Alan the 10/29/2020

Une belle femme avec une classe sans précédent. J'ai hâte de te revoir bébé... je t’aime mon chérie!
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Rosie's answer on 10/30/2020

Merci amour! ❤️😘💋

By Bigken the 10/28/2020

Cette femme est sublime. Messieurs prenez soin d elle. 😍
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Rosie's answer on 10/29/2020

Merci beaucoup mon amour 💋❤️😘 My pleasure to have you!

By Alan the 10/22/2020

Meeting this girl was an enormous pleasure. She surprised me with her class and good manners. She does care of your maximum pleasure in every single second of a date. Fantastic experience! Sweet and romantic girl with a pinch of spice. FABULOUS AND HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
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Rosie's answer on 10/22/2020

Thank you a lot Alan! It was a fantastic time with you. Hope to meet you again soon! Kisses ❤️💋😘

By Laurent the 10/21/2020

My Angel is back... I’m getting addicted of this stunned woman. Another night with the most elegant and classy woman in town. I have never enough... Her charm, her sensuality, her magnificent body, her impeccable taste and style... I wish you were only mine Rosie. See you soon hopefully. Mon Amour...
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Rosie's answer on 10/22/2020

Thank you Laurent! Always super pleasure spending time in your fab company! 💋💋💋

By bill the 10/12/2020

This woman is, indeed, everything. Tender, soft and GFE on the one side, but also capable of arousing the "beast" out of the caves of our masculine nature on the other side.... Born to be wild. And she really likes it the hard way, though always with respect and proper manners. Addiction is the big danger when you meet her. Can't have enough of her
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Rosie's answer on 10/12/2020

Thank you darling! Always pleasure to have you...! 💋❤️😘

By bill the 09/27/2020

Second meeting with the tiger today. Only managed to stay 5 days away from this splendid female creature and went again. Usually in life and especially in sex life the second experience of the same thing is a bit less rewarding. But with her, it was rather the other way around - she literally blew my mind away today. This woman is born for good sex and we are happy in Geneva to have her, because, on average, the escort scene is not like that. I think I have fallen in love...
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Rosie's answer on 09/28/2020

Thank you Bill! It was fantastic to see you again! Hope to meet you as soon as I’ll be back! 💋

By Laurent the 09/27/2020

She’s just a woman from my dreams. I spent with her a really luxurious overnight. Starting with a dinner... When she arrived so elegant and classy I lost my mind. With time I discovered she’s not only stunned but so smart and fun as well. What else.... extremely sensual and sexy. The best experience in Geneve so far.... Love you Rosie and hope to have the honour to see you again.
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Rosie's answer on 09/28/2020

Merci Laurent! It was an honour for me to spend such a wonderful time with you 💋

By bill the 09/21/2020

Ok, what can I say, I am still left speechless 2 hours after our meeting today... Intelligent, friendly, classy and hot lady in a beautiful apartment, actually very close to mine. Blessed by nature with THE body, feminine enough but with no fat at all. Her proportions are to die for. She reminds me of a perfect statue which turned into life and left the museum. Respects the customer, reads his thoughts and understands his needs. Cannot have enough of her, I wish I were 20 years younger. Every cent of her price is 100% worth it. Please treat her with the respect she deserves and she will skyrocket you to the Heavens.
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Rosie's answer on 09/22/2020

Oh Bill thank you so much. It was such a pleasure to have you. Hope to see you soon! 💞😘🤗

By Patrick Beauquis the 09/16/2020

( Rosie j'aime beaucoup venir te voir tu a une grande beauté j'aime caresser ton corps de rêve et tes fellations sont parfaites , j'aime ensuite lécher ton beau vagin assez longtemps et te faire l'amour dans plusieurs positions c'est tellement BON avec toi... Je vais bientôt revenir te voir ma belle blonde je t'aime . )
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Rosie's answer on 09/16/2020

Thank you! ❤️💋

By Ben the 09/04/2020

Tout a fait mon genre. Rosie est juste magnifique comme sur les photos. Un véritable plaisir pour les sens et le corps.
Une belle perle.
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Rosie's answer on 09/15/2020

Merci 💋

By Patrick Beauquis the 08/04/2020

Rosie and a very beautiful girls , i love you .
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Rosie's answer on 08/31/2020

Merci! ❤️

By Djimmy the 07/08/2020

C'est bien elle et correspond tout à fait au photos, jeune, sensuelle, GFE, douée en massage... what else?
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Rosie's answer on 08/31/2020

Merci 💋

By Chef the 01/15/2020

Je suis ravi d'avoir passé cette heure avec elle, et je pense que je la reverrai bientot. Prend soin de toi Rosie et merci pour tout.
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Rosie's answer on 08/31/2020

Merci! ❤️

By Tobias the 09/13/2019

Très belle escorte Rosie est aussi très disponible et très engagée, elle se donne vraiment et vous le fais sentir !!!
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Rosie's answer on 08/31/2020

Merci ❤️

By Corey the 06/21/2019

Un véritable rayon de soleil venu du Brésil pour moi ! Merci beaucoup mi amor
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Rosie's answer

Merci, but I’m not from Brasil...

By Tanael the 05/20/2019

Rosie est vite aux petits soins pour son invité, on sent l'expérience et l'assurance dans ce genre de rendez-vous ... Elle est unique est vous serez au paradis a ses cotés
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Rosie's answer

Merci! 💋

By Bobi the 03/25/2019

J'ai bien aimé cete rencontre avec une Rosie très sexy, au corps superbe et au charme indéniable. Très tendre avec un socialtime plaisant, elle sait aussi se transformé en tigresse pour satisfaire tous vos désirs...look soigné et hygiène irréprochable, je valide !
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Rosie's answer

Merci babe! 💋❤️😍

By ilario the 11/23/2018

Rosie fait ça très bien et se montre vraiment réceptive à tout. Je pourrais y retourner sans soucis
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Rosie's answer

Merci 💋😘

By Kilian the 09/21/2018

Stage de remise en forme garanti ! Si vous voulez un petit moment de réconfort, c’est simple: allez voir Rosie !
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Rosie's answer

Merci babe!

By Eddy the 08/01/2018

Une fille tres douce tendre et tres tres sensuelle. Tout ce qu’elle fait elle le fait bien
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Rosie's answer

Merci 🔥💋😘