Flash News: Reopening of prostitution on June 6th at 00:01 !

Congratulations to all the associations who encouraged the return of the activity to the Federal Council, such as Demi-mondaine, l'Aspasie and Fleur de pavé.
Read the official announcement here

Until June 6, ads that encourage a physical meeting are strictly prohibited and will be removed without notice or compensation. Only ads proposing "Sex Phone & Video Chat" are allowed.

The best dominatrix and SM in Fribourg

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BDSM dungeons in Fribourg.

If you're looking to share amazing Misstress or BDSM experience, you're on the right page.

The mistresses of Fribourg are without taboos. The games of submission and domination are nowadays richer and more phantasmatic than at the time.

Erotic salons and Bulle dungeons are happy to come out of the shadows. Risk taking is part of the process. The humiliation can go far and she is liberating.

Do not hesitate to write a contract with your submissive or your dominant. This is not a mainstream practice but fantasy scenarios are.

This kind of erotic games aims to open our minds on practices such as mummification, kidnapping or theatrical rape. Watch out for skids that can happen.

Madame  Tara - Fribourg dominatrix and sm

Madame Tara - Fribourg

Back soon

Soniacavalone - Fribourg dominatrix and sm

Soniacavalone - Fribourg

Back soon

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